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Yes. All properties including Houses, Farms, Lands, Offices, Hotels, Cinema, Malls etc. has a History. Your property might new to you but, it has a long chain of Title History and has passed through many owners and their vested rights to own it and sell it.

Mere possession of any property does not confer Title on it. A legal title to land is entitlement to rights of ownership of that land, the minerals below the land, the air space above the land, and to some extent, the waters contained on or flowing through the land. A good and marketable title is one that is legally sufficient and free from reasonable doubt of defects.  It is a title that a prudent buyer would accept and pay fair market value for.  A good and marketable title is one proven to be free of legal defects by all the means available to prove the quality of the title.

In the field of real estate, a title represents a group of rights that belong to the property's owner. Rights within a title can include the right to live in, lease or sell a home. A deed is a legal document that transfers the rights to the title from one owner to the next. Those rights can become hindered by liabilities caused by a current or former owner. These types of liabilities are called encumbrances. Encumbrances include liens, taxes and unpaid mortgages on real property. They are listed in legal documents which are filed in courthouses and recorders' offices.

Checking the Real Estate record could be very tricky and sometime challenging due to the extremely old set of Records and non-digitization of land records in major part in India, and therefore, it requires not only Legal experts who can extract the exact and important details from the record to ensure the Clear Title of the property but to also make it Transferable in Legal manner, and here the www.TitleClearance.com plays vital role being the first online Legal Search Record Portal. We provide services right from basic ownership record and 30 years title history with certified records to Master File of any Real Estate property or land with all required details.