Why there is a need to correct defects?

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Why there is a need to correct defects?

In India, many property owners either do not have a Titled document or the ones that they have are fictitious or spotting inaccurate information which can be a major problem if

-          There is an ongoing legal dispute with another party

-          The owner wants to use it as collateral to obtain a loan from financial institutions.

-          There are unresolved tax relates issues

-          The owner wishes to sell off the property.

-          Issues arise over Wills and property rights.

In fact, there are so many issues that may arise if your titled document is defective and the issues mentioned above are just a few of the common problems many are bedeviled with.

As important as a Title document is, many are unable to obtain or update theirs for several reasons. Their failures may be borne out of sheer ignorance, poor education among rural dwellers on the importance of updating their property records or difficulty or ignorance associated with going about updating the records. Despite the challenges, there is one very fast and effective way to resolve problems associated with your property deed with the right information. Online mediums such as Title Clearance can help you correct your deed documents in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.