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Are you thinking of buying property it’s important to find out who owns it and what liens exist. A Report of Title is highly recommended. You might not realize that there are actually liens that survive foreclosure. A comprehensive Title Search Report from www.TitleClearance.com will uncover hidden perils to a clear Title. We perform deep investigation of  chain of Title Search  that covers 30 year plus in depth HISTORY of the Title and its relevant details. All of this property-related information is retrieved within 30 year plus Title Search summary, as well as relevant documents copies that are captured. Title Clearance Certificate goes to the very essence of having Title Searches performed. These are some questions which strikes our minds whenever we come across the term Title Clearance Certificate assures that Title fraud has not occurred and that the buyer is entitled to retain clear ownership of the property. Title clearance Certificate is of the utmost importance to all parties involved in the transaction. It assures all parties that the transfer of Title is cleared and that comprehensive due diligence has been performed throughout the Title process.

we also offer additional paid services for,

Municipal Searches: Municipal Searches provides a comprehensive and detailed investigation to determine if there are any Code Violations, Open/Expired Permits, Unrecorded Liens, Special Assessments, Unpaid Water/Sewer/Garbage Balances, Taxes, and Misc. Utilities associated with a property. Municipalities sometimes attach unrecorded liens to a property, which is expensive and requires extensive corrections or repairs. This type of information is usually not recommended for default/Real Estate Owned transactions.

Bankruptcy Searches: Bankruptcy is a legally declared inability or impairment of ability of an individual or organization to pay its creditors. A bankruptcy search confirms if an individual (including aliases and associated parties) or company has been legally declared bankrupt by the relevant authorities of a country. This especially useful for companies who are hiring individuals in senior positions, financial roles or evaluating financial soundness of potential business partners.

Foreclosure Searches: Searching foreclosures is an important part of the title discovery process. It can also reveal interesting purchasing and investment opportunities. Contrary to popular belief, foreclosures don’t always match a “one size fits all” category. There are different stages of foreclosure that are not always readily discovered:

Judicial foreclosure: It requires the lender to go through the court system to take back ownership of the property. The lender will have to initiate foreclosure by filing a lawsuit against the borrower. All the parties have to be notified of the foreclosure. A judicial decision is announced (usually at a short hearing) after the exchange of pleadings.

Non-judicial foreclosure: here, if a power of sale clause is mentioned in the mortgage or if such a clause was used in a deed of trust, then the lender can use foreclosure by power of sale.  There is no court supervision. In some cases lenders make adjustments to the borrower’s repayment schedule so that he/she can afford the payments and thus retain ownership. This situation is known as special forbearance or mortgage modification.

Preforeclosure : In case of both judicial and non-judicial foreclosures, the foreclosing party must typically mail the other party stating that foreclosure proceedings will start upon non-payment of the loan amount. The notice generally provides 30 days to the borrower to pay the due amounts.
Defenses to foreclosure

The borrower can pursue certain defenses depending upon the situation:
The foreclosing party can’t prove that it owns the debt.
The borrower is on active duty in the military and is entitled to protection from foreclosure under the Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA).
The foreclosing party did not follow the required procedure to foreclose.

It’s important to know exactly what stage of foreclosure the property is in and www.TitleClearance.com Company will provide comprehensive information.

Financial Statement Searches:
Financing statements are filed by mortgage companies, banks, and lenders against secured collateral. Our financial statement searches will offer information on secured collateral, and the www.TitleClearance.com Company All search will reveal if others have filed a claim against the existing collateral.

Recording Services:
Our Document recording services offer the filing of real estate documents for recording purposes, a review of documents for original signatures, dates, notary acknowledgment, the document’s reference to real property, and the county requirements. In addition, www.TitleClearance.com company provides a calculation and preparation of the relevant recording fee checks to the appropriate county or government agency, and mailing.
Follow ups also occurs with the local office or county after the document was sent for recording to ensure that both the recorded document and final policy are returned in a promptly.

Notary Services: 
Errors and omissions can occur due to the complexity of the transaction and the related title process. As a result, it becomes important to have all documents notarized. It at least assures that professionals have scrutinized the transaction documentation throughout the process.
Notaries, like other professionals such as lawyers, accountants, architects and doctors, have an exposure to liability for the services they perform. In the case of Notaries, state statues uniformly affirm that a Notary by an error or omission committed by the Notary.
Sale Deed/Title deed / Conveyance Deed/Loan Agreements/MOU
Description of Property Document: A sale deed acts as the main legal property document for evidencing sale and transfer of ownership of property in favor of the buyer, from the seller. Further, it also acts as the main property document for further sale by the buyer as it establishes his proof of ownership on the property.
Normally sale deed is executed after execution of sale agreement. Sale deed confirms that terms and conditions detailed in the sale agreement as agreed upon between the buyer and the seller are complied. It is mandatory to register the Sale Deed in Sub Registrar office in whose jurisdiction property is located. It is mandatory to register sale deed within 4 months from the date of execution else you need to pay penalty or it stands invalid. 

RTC Extracts:
Description of Property Document: R.T.C is issued by the Village Accountant. It contains details of the extent of land in a survey number or a sub-survey number, the extent of kharab land therein, the names of the present and previous owners, their respective holdings and names of the tenants. It also include details like the kind of soil/crop, any mortgages, charges made on the properties contained therein, the status of land (whether Inam land or not), the conversion order number, date in case any property converted therein from agricultural to non-agricultural use, the references to mutation and inheritance certificates where there is any change in ownership etc.

Closing and Settlement Services:
Real estate professionals often refer to the closing as the settlement, and the terms are used interchangeably.
The result is always the same. All of the parties to the transaction will sign the documents and then you become legally obligated within the terms of the transaction.
www.TitleClearance.com Company works closely with real estate advocates and other industry professionals, dedicated to the successful outcome of the transaction and its conclusion. 


Title Clearance Certificate :
After following due process of Law and investigation of records of rights of last 30 years or more with concerned department’s issuance of Title Clearance Certificate is issued.

Title Search Report :
Title Search Report only provides the Authorized/Certified Data available with the concerned department of last more than 30 years reflecting chain of ownership upto the existing owner.

During the course of search of the records in the offices of the aforesaid authorities, certified copies of the relevant documents / orders, entries or extracts from the registers maintained by the concerned offices are required to be obtained on payment of requisite fees / charges.
It may be stated that search of the records in the aforesaid offices is required to be carried out with due diligence and efficiency and within a stipulated time limit. This task requires special skill and enthusiasm.
We have engaged a team of such skilled and enthusiastic personnel in order to undertake this task. The members of the team are well trained and have acquired experience of number of years in this field while working with us. The team is devoting most of its time in carrying out search of the records and collecting materials required for the purpose of preparing title reports.    
Investigation of Title:
This work involves minute study of the documents collected from the offices of the concerned authorities, in order to ascertain the nature of title, defect, if any in the title or missing documents required in order to render the Title Clear and Marketable.
In order to avoid any dispute taking place as to the title to the property and by way of precautionary measures, search of the records for the last 30 years is required to be carried out irrespective of the period involved in the transactions, which might have taken place relating to the subject property; and relevant documents, entries and extracts from the records for last 30 years are required to be collected and studied before preparing the Title Report.
In order to prepare a Title Report, one is required to be an expert in law relating to conveyancing and transfer of properties of all kinds, revenue laws, tenancy law and land acquisition / requisition laws. We have our principal who is heading the team and who has vast experience of many years in this field at his credit; and he is assisted by a team of lawyers having experience in the field.
Before preparing a Title Report, a public notice inviting objections / claims against issuance of Title Clearance Certificate is required to be published in local News papers, as also in English News papers; and if any objections / claims are received in response to such notice, the same are required to be appropriately dealt with. This requires adequate knowledge of laws relating to the properties.
Based on documents / materials collected by our team of experts, our experts prepare a Title Report containing chronology of events commencing from prior to 30 years and ending on the date of last transaction in favour of the Vendor, conclusions arrived at by the experts and the essential requirements subject to the fulfilment of which the Title shall become clear and marketable.
Based on such Title Reports; Title Clearance Certificates are issued by our office.
The Title Reports and Title Clearance Certificates prepared by our experts are thoroughly examined by our principal in consultation with his senior colleague in our office who has a vast experience of drafting of legal documents / proceedings.

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